bringing mindfulness & yoga to schools

Zen Kids and Zen Teachers will make the world a better place. One school at a time!

This website is a place to share ideas and tips about mindfulness, meditation and yoga in schools and classrooms. The goal is to spread mindfulness at any age, through easy and accessible activities, games and tools.

WHY? Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are not (yet) official subjects on the academic curriculum in schools nationwide or worldwide. They should be! Studies on mindfulness show that meditation helps improving many qualities in both children and adults, such as memory, attention span, creativity, resilience, emotional intelligence, patience… When equipped with practical tools (like breathing tips and yoga moves), children can better manage their emotions, their attitude, and reach academic success more easily.

HOW? To help more schools become Zen Schools, let's do our best to equip both teachers and students with as many useful tools as possible, to allow then to become the best version of themselves and thrive in their school environment… and in their life in general!